How to commission your own oil painting...

I can work from your photographs to capture on canvas your special moments for you to enjoy forever. Just drop me an e-mail and answer three simple questions:

1. Would you like the oil painting on canvas board, normal canvas (2cm deep) or chunky canvas (3.5cm)? As a tip, canvas board is the easiest to frame, chunky canvas does not need to be framed and I can paint the side of the canvas to match the composition and also your tastes. Obviously you don't need to frame a normal canvas either but I think that the chunky canvas gives a really contemporary feel to the work.

2. Your next consideration is how large you would like the oil painting. Just give me an idea and we can take it from there.

3. Next, write down a few thoughts about the photo and why it is so special to you. This will help me to connect to the photo when I am painting for you.

Also, don't forget to attach the photo that you would like me to paint!! Try to ensure that the picture that you send me is good quality as this will help to make the painting come alive. Use the contact from to get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Once I receive your e-mail I will be able to consider your preferences and agree a price for the work.


Matt commissioned a painting as a surprise for his wife's birthday. He supplied me with a high quality 6in x 4in photo of a beautiful view near his home.

Matt said: "Both Mel and I love the painting that you did for us"


David commissioned a painting for his office. The subject matter we both decided on was an image that summed up London and would work in an office environment.

David said: "I like the sense of rain and you get a real sense of movement"


Andy commissioned a painting for his wife for mothers day. The painting is completed from a grainy mobile phone photograph.

Andy said: "Alice loved the painting".


Alex comissioned this painting of Brazilian street kids playing in fountains for his wife Chloe as a wedding present.  Alex had taken the picture on a trip they had both taken to Brazil.

Alex said: "We look at the painting every day and it reminds us of Brazil and our wedding day"


Rob commissioned this painting of his girlfriend's cat, Elma, as a Christmas present. Rob tells me it's a very good representation of their cheeky cat!



Carly is a musician based in Brighton.  Carly commissioned me to capture her audience at a recent folk show.